I went to school twice. nope, 3 times. I graduated twice, after changing my major once. I like all kinds of music. Except Heavy metal makes me wanna throw up. i'm a rebel, but sometimes i'm too afraid to show it. i learned from all of my mother's mistakes. i love all things milk chocolate, alexander wang, and most things coco chanel. cutting hair and treating people like paper dolls gives me unexplainable joygasms. I have a problem with hitting men. I wish the whole world would just shut the fuck up and listen to me. I think that's why i don't keep jobs long. horror movies are my thing. i wish i had all of quentin tarantino's ideas before he did. i love lines, shapes, and colors. Quite obsessed with them actually. Especially on women, however i'm not homosexual. i like them on buildings too. tiny foreign villages are the best. I'm from Chicago, the best place on Earth. It's Great beacause it's great, although it's a little fucked up. obama, jordan, gangsters, you know. i recently moved to brooklyn to begin my life. i advise you to keep turning the pages.